At VGV we are celebrating 30 years of excellence in service to clients. We have established a tradition of loyalty to our clients and involvement in the community since 1982.

With 10 attorneys and candidate attorneys and nearly 20 support staff members in three offices in the Western Cape we provide a quality service to our clients, contributing to their success locally and internationally.

In our pursuit of excellence in legal services, we rely on skilled and trained personnel and advanced electronic systems.

At VGV we will always:

  • Give reasonable quotes
  • Make sure that the appropriate attorney / notary / conveyancer is allocated to you
  • Have a director readily available to every client in handling their matter
Our Services
We provide an extensive list of Services to our clients. For more information on what we do, please visit our services page or simply click here
We have a variety to choose from including Affordability, Bond Repayments and Transfer & Bond Cost calculators. begin